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Gambling software is available in abundance online and ready for downloading at the click of a mouse. However, despite the many online gambling sites, there are only a handful of software design businesses that design the actual software. You would be interested to know that every online gambling website is given an individual tailor made software package that matches with the theme of that particular online gambling website. With the increase in speeds of modems, online gambling software companies have become even more expansive and impressive. The graphics and content are becoming more advanced and fast and more reliable services are being provided. Online gambling software has provided the means for online gambling to be done without having to download the software from the websites. This was the rise of the Flash games. Regardless of your location, gambling can now be done directly from the online casino’s website using new online gambling software. Flash and Java software now offer you this facility, and whichever software you choose depends entirely on your preferences. Let’s review Java based online gambling software, which has been available longer than Flash software. Java software has the advantage that you do not need any plug-ins to use the website. Flash based online gambling software on the other hand does require plug-ins. However and advantage that Java does not have is that the download time is quicker. Online gambling software is fast becoming a huge industry as businesses are now cashing in on this market. The major businesses that are developing such online gambling software have become more and more innovative due to the demand. Furthermore, online gambling software is now also available for mobile phones, further increasing the market and your options. There is online gambling software, which provides adults with a fully functioning casino carried in the palm or pocket of the user. You can simply download the games from the online gambling website to your mobile and then purchase a prepaid gaming card.