Deuces Wild Video Poker

Deuces Wild Video Poker is a blend of poker and slots the fun thing is instead of matching symbols you match up hand values.Which for me is a lot easier and more enjoyable. The objective is to complete the game with the strongest hand. If you win your hand, you can increase your winnings by participating in a doubling phase which i will talk about later. Let us get back to basics, Deuces Wild is played between you and the Dealer. You are dealt five cards in the first hand. When you receive your first hand, choose the cards to hold or discard. The cards you discard are replaced with new ones from the deck. Online is still the same thing. Make your denomination choice and decid how many credits to bet, you start the game by clicking DEAL. You then receive a poker hand where you can hold the preferred cards by clicking on the cards or on HOLD just below the respective card. The rest of the cards will automatically be discarded when you click DEAL again If you receive a winning hand, the DOUBLE and COLLECT buttons will become active giving you the chance to collect the win or to try to double the win. If you choose to collect the win, CREDITS will be adjusted accordingly. If you feel lucky, try to multiply your win by clicking DOUBLE, a bonus game will be started. In the bonus game you try to predict either the color or the suit of the card turned face down. If successful, you can choose to try double/quadruple again or collect the win. Correct color pays double win and correct suit pays quadruple win. The amount bet, the denomination and the number of credits, is increased or decreased by clicking + or - next to DENOMINATION and Credits bet. The payout table changes automatically depending on how many credits you bet. Credits displays the number of credits available at the current denomination. And the win displays the win from the previous round. I hope you can follow my reasoning here, I am better at playing than telling..Here is the frosting on the cake With Deuces Wild Bet 5 coins to win 4 000 credits on Natural Straight Flush. Deuces (twos) are wild. Get a deuce and it substitutes for any other card. A Natural Royal Flush is a Royal Straight Flush without deuces whereas a Wild Royal Flush is a Royal Straight Flush with deuces.

Payout Table Poker Hand Payout Natural Royal Flush 400 X (800 X with maximum number of coins) 4 Deuces 200 X Wild Royal Flush 25 X 5 of a Kind 15 X Straight Flush 9 X 4 of a Kind 4 X Full House 4 X Flush 3 X Straight 2 X 3 of a Kind 1 X