Online Casino Bonuses Guide

Throughout the years, the highly competitive market of online gambling has led just about every property to offer some sort of incentive to entice players through their virtual doors. As in real estate, this competitiveness brings about a “buyer’s market”, so to speak, when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck. By searching the myriad of online casinos, a player can expect to find deposit and ongoing bonuses ranging anywhere from a 10% - 100% match up to $20 - $1000 and beyond. The casinos understand that they only have a few seconds of banner or text advertising to capture the interest of a potential customer so a generous bonus offering has proven to be the best bait for attracting the most fish.

As with any “free” offering though, some wily players have learned to take advantage of these bonuses and in turn the casinos have been forced to adapt. Gone are the days of the monthly 100% match bonus offers where all game wagers went toward the release of the bonus or the ability to withdraw your winnings. By reading the fine print, you will see that every casino has certain “hoops” in place through which a customer must jump in order to receive the bonus or even withdraw any winnings after receiving a bonus. Most properties require a customer to wager anywhere from 20 – 35 times the amount of the bonus given. Again, read the fine print for not all games played go toward the wagering requirement. Some games such as blackjack will not be counted while almost all slot wagers will. The casinos are not stupid, they are in the business to make a profit and have learned how to protect themselves from savvy players or bonus abusers.

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Microgaming Software

Casino Share - Get 1 Hour of Free Play and Keep Your Winnings! Also receive $20 Free just for Playing! River Belle Casino - Get up to $100 Free with a generous 100% Matching Bonus! Casino Classic - $500 Free for 1 Hour of Play! Get $20 Free when you deposit $20! Fortune Room - Get up to $500 in a 1,000% Makeover Bonus!

RTG Software

Inetbet - Get Up to $100 Free with a 200% Slots Deposit Bonus! Or Get Up to $50 Free on Card Games with a 100% Deposit Bonus!

Proprietary Software

Slotland - Get $100 Free with a 100% Sign-Up Bonus!

Playtech Software

Golden Palace - Get between $200-$300 Free for a Sign-Up Bonus! Some gambling properties have implemented safeguards to their bonus structures where increments of the bonus are given at certain wagering intervals. For instance, a poker room may release $1 for every $20 wagered so a player should not expect to receive that “100% match bonus” all at once. You may even find some properties willing to give you a percentage back of your losses at the end of each month but this type of offering has become rare since gamblers don’t play to lose. With enough research, you can find a bonus structure that suits your needs. Some players may prefer to receive a small monthly deposit bonus while others may prefer to receive a large initial deposit bonus but no reoccurring deposit bonuses thereafter. Even those properties that don’t offer reoccurring or monthly “reload” bonuses offer other incentives to keep players coming back. It’s just a matter of personal preference and something a player needs to consider before making a transaction. All in all, players need to take into consideration the other aspects of what will make them happy such as game variety, game fairness, customer support and the general feel of an online gambling property. Don’t be lured in by dollar signs only to find that customer support never responds or you have to relinquish your first born in order to withdraw your winnings. Read the Terms and Conditions, educate yourself and choose wisely.