Monaco Gambling

(Not Just for the Rich and Famous)

Monaco or Monte Carlo is a haven for the rich and famous and undoubtabl one of the most glamorous destinations in the world. Monaco is the home to playboys, jetsetters and gablers alike. Putting aside gambling for a moment, the area is more than enough reason to vist, and living the high life, for even just a short while is so worth it to experience the elegance of the city. But many fans of gambling visit when they are in the area. Located 954km (593 miles) S of Paris; 18km (11 miles) E of Nice, many will tell you that along with the beauty of the French Riviera, the arts and culture of the city make for an experience like none other. Monaco's main source of income is from the thousands of tourists that come every. If your wallet is brave enough and allows you to, permit yourself to experience the Grand Casino where you will rub shoulders and gamble alongside the worlds richest and more often than not famous. You will need to bring your passport with you to be allowed in and the entrance fees range from 30€ right up into the hundereds depending on which room you want to enter. There is an extreemely strict dress code, that dictates that men wear coats and ties, casual or tennis shoes are forbidden. As for women, their elegance has to match the elegance of the city. The game rooms themselves are the playgrounds of kings with stained glass, scluptres and paintings everywhere. In the city itself there are two other casinos where the dress code is less formal and there are no admission fees. Another major attraction is the Formula One Grand Prix. Set in the beautiful mountains and clifs of the French coast line. For an unforgettable experience of Monaco gambling, you will need a lot of money and a good gambling experience.