Atlantic City Gambling

During the 1970's Atlantic City's economy had all but crashed. After seeing the great success of Las Vegas on the other side of the country, the leaders of Atlantic City decided that the same magic could be created there too. In 1978 legislation was passed allowing Atlantic City gambling to take flight the very next year with the opening of the first casino. Atlantic City casinos offer slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, keno, race books and specialty table games. There is something for everyone. With its close proximity to New York, Washington DC and Philadelphia, the Atlantic Gambling community is largely people coming in for a few hours and not spending night in hotels, but dining in nearby restaurants, playing a few games and then going home. There is only one thing on people's minds when they come to Atlantic City and that is to gamble. Since one can only gamble so much of their time there are many other attractions in the city that are of interest. Many come with their families to the Atlantic City Aquarium - Ocean Life CenterAbsecon were amazing sea life can be watched and learnt about. Lucy the Elephant is a huge 65-ton building built to look like an elephant – only in Atlantic City are attractions like this so amazing! We must not forget that great family classic the Monopoly Game that takes its names from the streets of Atlantic City; and the city hasn’t as it has a Monopoly Monument for just this purpose! As with all gambling in the United States the minimum age that one can start playing is 21. The casinos are very strict about this and there is a huge penalty if this is broken. Atlantic City gambling can be great fun, just keep in mind that you keep a budget and to use your experience.